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Yarned and Dangerous

When I left for vacation in February, I threw in a pair of socks I had started in 2013. I had knit the heel on the first sock and there they have sat since. I decided that they at least deserved to be finished and I’d have a pair to throw in the gift bag. I finished sewing in the ends a couple weeks after getting back, but they are finally done.

Socks: Patons Kroy in Cadet Colors on 2.5 mm needles.

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Technology Excitement

I’m not one to rush out and buy the latest technology release. I upgrade my phone regularly, but generally at the end of my three year contract. (Before switching to an iPhone, I had a Nokia for at least 7 years. I loved that phone.) I’m typing this post on a four year old MacBook, purchased only because my previous one died a slow and painful death (for both of us). I had to go to the Apple Store at the Florida Mall in Orlando for help with the transition. I thought there was a celebrity autograph event, only to discover the line was for the store because a new iPad (I think) had just been released.  I was very grateful I had an appointment, a little confused that people were lined up to buy it,  but it was cool to be on “the list” to get into the store.


That being said, for the past three years I’ve relied on my iPad in meetings for notes and handouts. I’ve liked it, but I’ve struggled a bit with note taking during meetings. Typing during meetings feels like a distraction; I’m not listening to what’s being said while I’m attempting to type. I’ve tried writing with my finger or a stylus but that was more awkward than intuitive. Then this winter, the iPad starting freezing and I’d basically maxed out on memory. After the release of the Apple Pencil last fall with the iPad Pro, I hoped that the next version would include a smaller Pro; i.e., 9 not 12 inches. (I carry my iPad daily in my tote bag purse.) I was excited when that’s exactly what happened in late March. I ordered mine online the first day it was available, along with the Apple Pencil.

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Where Have the Weirs Gone?

Last weekend I happened upon some old photos in a drawer. Despite my best intentions, they never seemed to make it to a photo album. One of the envelopes was from a Sunday afternoon in the mid 1990s that was spent at my father’s herring weir.

Herring weirs (sounds like “where”) are one of the oldest fishing gear types (it pre-dates Canadian Confederation in 1867). They are built in the shape of a heart, traditionally near the shore, with large wooden poles (stakes) surrounded by twine. Fishermen then wait for the herring to come inshore, swim along the net into the weir and become trapped, unable to find the way out. Fishermen then go with another net to “scoop” the fish out into a boat to be taken to be canned as sardines.

This day was a sparkling day on the Bay of Fundy. My grandfather’s health was beginning to fail, but he continued to go with my father to enjoy the process and help where he could. My mother, father, and brother were all there to work. My sisters, a couple of friends, and I were along as “tourists”. The photos from that day tell the tale – it was a magical, classic day on the Bay. *

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