When Good Salad Goes Bad

I have an obsession with Jello salads. I know, their fashionability went out about the same time as leg warmers and teased bangs, but show me a Jello salad at a potluck and I am a happy girl!

My sister invited me for supper last night and I decided I’d try a Jello salad for my contribution. I broke out my grandmother’s classic Tupperware Jello mold (what’s a salad without the mold)


I googled some recipes and tried a Jello/cream cheese/pineapple combo (really, how could that be bad?)

Unfortunately, my cream cheese hadn’t softened as much as I thought it had which became abundantly clear when I tried to blend it with the Jello.  Despite my best efforts (and the resulting appearance of carnage with my too-small bowl and cherry Jello overspray) I ended up with junks of cream cheese in the salad.

The result: a slightly crappy Jello salad. But at least it looks pretty!

I’m wondering if you have a classic Jello salad recipe?

The First Week of Summer

I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night again, but like most weeks in the summer it flew by and seemed crammed with activity.  Throw a Canada Day holiday mid-week and my concept of time really didn’t stand a chance.


Canada Day was spent in Seal Cove with the infamous greasy pole:


And on the beach:


They came by raft and bicycle.


Really, when I said jammed packed with activity, I meant jammed packed with eating. I’m not sure how many hotdogs I ate on the beach. We’d had a campfire the night before (I didn’t actually camp; just crashed the fire)



I went back to work and had a lunch meeting at Cafe Bleu Marie (I love when I get to work and eat)


Sausage crepe

Did I mention we ate outside?  I love summer…


Then, to finish off the weekend, we had supper at the Inn at Whale Cove Cottages:



Now, I’m thankful for elastic waist pajama pants and I’m wondering if I can conceivably wear my elastic waist linen pants (affectionately referred to as my buffet pants) for the remainder of the summer.


I Shouldn’t Have Tempted Fate: #KnitFail 3.0

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I screwed up the pattern (for the second time) of the toy airplane I was knitting. I cheekily said at the end that it was just the propellers left. Surely I wouldn’t have to write about a third issue with the project.


You know what they say about tempting fate….


There it is; my floppy propellor.  It’s like a handlebar moustache after too much Tequila.


Seriously, there are no more words.


So I cut it off.  And reknit it on smaller needles so it would be stiffer.  The result was much better:






Toy Airplane

Pattern: Airplane Toy

Yarn: Bernat Cottontots (a variety of colours from my stash)

Needles: 4.0 mm Knitter’s Pride Marblz Interchangeables; 3.5 Knit Picks Harmony Straights

Last thoughts: It actually turned out really cute. And despite my idiotic mistakes, it was an easy pattern. I’m definitely glad I tried it. I like my modification for a smaller needle size for propellor; next time I’d knit the body in the round.