Lessons from Week Two of Obedience School

If your dog wakes up acting like an a*****e, he will likely spend the rest of the day as such.  Letting him sleep for eight hours straight will only aggravate the situation when you want him to act like he’s heard the word “heel”. Or “sit”. Or even his name. He will then cap the performance by crying plaintively, laying on his back with his feet in the air looking shockingly like the last dog:



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Thursday Night

Thursday night almost 200 people turned out for a community policing meeting on the island.  The focus was on drug use.  I don’t think our community is unique in this being an issue, but our isolation and size allows a focus that may not be as clear in a larger area.

Drug addiction is a complicated issue. Causes and recovery don’t fall under the jurisdiction of a policing forum. That’s a more complicated, but just as important, element.  Policing can address possession and more critically trafficking.  Policing also addresses the traditional byproducts of drug issues: breaking and enter, theft, and other crimes to fund the habit.  We have the benefit of a productive economy so there hasn’t been a spike in these events. There has been an increase in other byproducts (like abandoned needles) that generates a plethora of other concerns.


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April Sock Blanket Madness