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Royale Treatment

Sunday night I cast on a sock before I had finished the first.  I told myself it was because I was traveling this week, but secretly I’d received new Knitter’s Pride Royale needles and was anxious to try them out. 

I had some interchangables I’d tried and really liked so I was anxious to try the double points. The first few rounds before  left home I was less than impressed. The yarn didn’t slide as easily as I liked. I almost hauled out my old faithful metal DPNs but decided I’d use them for a day meeting to at least give them a legitimate try.

I’m really glad I did. While not as slidy as my metal DPNs, they make up for it in their lighter weight without the bendy-ness of lighter metals.  So far I haven’t noticed a catch in the join between the wood and metal tips. I’m not sure they’ll move up to a “favourite” category (though they might by the end of the sock) but I’m definitely not switching back when I get home tonight.

Ode to Christmas Knitting

Twas the night before Christmas and here on my land
I was tearing my hair, strand by strand by strand


Different I said this year would be
I’d have time to sit and enjoy the tree


But alas you know what it is they say
When you’ve become so set in your ways:


You’ve got to flexible; learn to adapt.
I’ve often thought that was a load of crap


I was going to be ready; my knitting complete
This Christmas the kids would have warm “little” feet.


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Over the summer a friend returned to me a couple of hats I had knit for her little guy that he had outgrown. One I gave to my 3 year old nephew and he’s been wearing it this fall.  The other was smaller and plain brown:



The littlest baby in the family is a girl. Not only does she have three older brothers, there’s 7 years and 4 boys between her and my next youngest niece, so I thought the hat needed a little pick me up before she received it:


The solution: a little pink flower in some leftover yarn from the newborn hat if her brother had been a girl.


Pattern: Simple Knitted Flower

Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zarina (apparently discontinued; I liked the yarn for baby projects.)

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Of Politics and Religion

I was feeling pensive, quiet, and sad when I went to church this morning. Maybe it was the past week: the opening of lobster season (which always makes me emotional). Or solemness of Remembrance Day. Or finally being able to take a breath after the last few months. I think it was a bit of all of those things against the backdrop of what is going on the United States: the sadness of the inevitability of protests and divisiveness and the realization that no matter who won the election there were never going to be any winners.

I had also just watched the video of the opening of Saturday Night Live from last night. It was a powerful tribute to Leonard Cohen and Hillary Clinton, particularly the third verse and Kate McKinnon’s watery eyes.

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