Chinese Takeout

Things I learned today:

  1. While I love Chinese takeout it doesn’t always come with forks.  Or chopsticks.  Or any type of eating utensil.
  2. While I love Chinese takeout, it should really be taken home to be eaten. Rice should not be eaten hunched over the armrest of a Subaru.
  3. While I love Chinese takeout, it’s really stinky after sitting in your car for 3 hours.

For the record: it was completely worth it.

Food from the Rock

My trip to Newfoundland in July included lots of good food (of course). You know it was good when you’re still thinking about it two months later. 🙂


My Morning Cup



One of my new obsessions this summer has been East Coast Coffee. I found this new-to-me coffee and a local gift shop. I couldn’t resist trying a coffee called “Fundy Fog Buster” or “Morning Screech”. I tend to stick to medium to light roast coffee, and both are great in their respective categories.


The big draw for me was that it was a local-ish company. While Cape Breton isn’t down the street, it’s Maritimes roots certainly make it more local than the larger, better-known coffee producers. When I read that the pods are bio-degradable, it was a final tipping point. It bothers when I see how many pods accumulate in the garbage next to my coffee station; it’s nice to know that these will eventually have an end-life.




Good coffee, local company, pretty boxes, great names: how could you go wrong?

Catching Up With Ketchup



If you were in Canada last winter, you no doubt heard that French’s ketchup is now being made with tomatoes grown in Canada and made into paste at the former Heinz plant in Leamington, Ontario that was closed 2 years ago. Leamington has always been associated with its tomatoes and the ketchup plant. The gift bags we received from a meeting there years ago even had little bottles of Heinz ketchup.


I have to admit, I’ve always been a Heinz ketchup girl.  I remember trying other ketchup in restaurants as a kid and not liking them as well. (That could also be related to my overall fussy eating specific food choices as a child). I like the idea of buying products made in Canada, but I also like my Heinz ketchup. It didn’t really matter for a while because French’s ketchup was almost impossible to find in stores. A couple of weeks ago I came across a couple bottles of the “buffalo ketchup” and thought I’d give it a try. I tend to like spicy foods, but the ketchup wasn’t “hot”; instead it had the flavour of buffalo chicken without the heat, blended with the tomato-y ketchup.  I think it’s probably better to transition with a slightly different ketchup, so I’m ready for bbq season with my Canadian tomato based ketchup.


PS:  I was a little weirded out by the “1 bottle = 1 meal” but then I saw this and it all made sense:

My Olive Cheese Bread

A while I ago I saw the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Olive Cheese Bread pass through my Facebook newsfeed and thought it would be a worthwhile attempt. So this afternoon, I got myself and the ingredients together, sort of.  I didn’t have French bread, but I had a baguette. (That’s a type of French bread, so it counts, right?).  I didn’t have as many olives as I thought, so I cut back a bit on the butter, mayonnaise, and cheese. And I didn’t have green onions so I left them out completely.  Other than that, it was absolutely the same! 🙂



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On the Road

Another week of summer has slipped by seemingly in the blink of an eye. Work tends to be busy in July and a bit more relaxed in August and I’m hoping that holds true this year too! This is one of those stretches that it feels like every time I turn around I’m heading somewhere else.

Last Wednesday I hit the road (or ferry as the case may be) for a work road trip to Prince Edward Island. The ferry does provide for a bit of knitting time (the car ride not so much):


The first night was spent at the Future Inn in Moncton. It’s one of my favourite hotels in that city and we frequently have meetings there.  It was recently taken over by Four Points by Sheraton. I had thought the rooms were quite nice before, but they’ve certainly been spruced up in the year or so since I’ve been there:


The stairway still smelled like new carpet!

Thursday and Friday were spent at the Rodd Brudenell Resort in Georgetown, PEI. Those days were best described as:

good room, good food, and good press. 🙂

After a quick weekend, it was back on the road to Saint John. I had a great lunch of Bay of Fundy halibut:


…knit a bit more on my sock:


and attended a meeting.

Really, I don’t just knit and eat when I travel…