Refraction is the change of direction of a wave. This summer our island of 2,500 was rocked repeatedly by tragedy. No one began September as they were at the beginning of July. Tonight we came together to celebrate the community that we are. We tied ribbons on a tree and remembered. Remembered and hoped that we had changed directions from the summer that was. Hoped and believed that in a much bigger sense, we have all changed direction.


5 replies on “Refraction

    1. Over the course of 6 weeks there were 3 accidents with 4 deaths and others injured. In a place this small, everyone was impacted in some way. Thanks for your thoughts.


  1. The Remembrance Tree is such a perfect way to honor those lost and look to the future at the same time. I’m glad your community has been there for each other, but I hope that better days are ahead for you all. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through.

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