My Disney Food Gallery

I’m sometimes frequently ridiculed for taking pictures of my food.  What can I say; it’s a vice.  Anyway here a few shots from our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  Mostly I remember where I was.  What it was I was eating is another story…


My 5 Favourite Things about Christmas at Disney

Last week my sister, her 3 girls (ages 7, 7, and 6) and I went to Walt Disney World for three days. It was a quick trip but we had never been to Disney at Christmas time.  Following are my favourite things about Disney during the holidays.

#5 – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: This is a bit of an honourable mention and it comes with a bit of a disclaimer: while we can maximize the number of rides completed at a Disney park, taking in shows and parades has never been something we focussed on. So when faced with an event that centred on parades and Cinderella’s castle being “Frozen”, we did not excel at getting good a good spot to see the show.  And it rained.  A lot.  So much they cancelled the parade.  The hot chocolate and cookies were good though.  Were they worth the extra money – nah, maybe not.

IMG_6436 - Version 2



#4 – Gingerbread: Ok, this is a bit odd. I’m not sure I’ve ever made a gingerbread house during the holidays, but I can definitely appreciate the work that would go into it. So I was amazed by the actual gingerbread structures at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary Resorts.

And the gingerbread cupcakes were pretty good too!




#3 – Decorations: I loved the Christmas decorations everywhere! In typical Disney fashion, they matched the theme of whatever park/resort they were in.



#2 – Candlelight Processional: I was looking forward to this the most and it didn’t disappoint.  My sister had purchased our dinner and tickets several weeks in advance (one show sold out while she was looking at the options) and it was a must.  The standby line was crazy trying to get into one of the three nightly shows.  Neil Patrick Harris was the celebrity reader the night we were there. I think he said it was his ninth? year there and it appeared he really enjoyed it. The candlelight and the singers were amazing and I think it would be great with whoever the reader was. (We had tickets to the second show which I think was good because it was dark; it wasn’t for the first show).



#1 – The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights: This was hands down my favourite Christmas thing that we did at Disney. The lights and music were amazing; we walked through twice. The blowing snow added to the atmosphere, but what I really loved was that most people you passed were also singing the Christmas songs. Very festive and well worth a visit (or two).


I may have overwhelmed my Facebook feed with just about every picture I took of the lights.  I was a little a lot impressed!


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

I like living in place where the seasons change dramatically throughout the year – from the awaking of spring; the warmth of summer; the colours of fall; and the cold of winter. While the fall has been generally mild for us, we are now firmly ensconced in winter with ice blanketing the beach:


The warmth of summer is gone, but its memory gives us hope for its return.

What I Learned from NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month, during which you publish a blog post every day for the month of November.  If you look at the calendar on the right, you can see that I’ve managed to do that. (Assuming this post posts on schedule; that always makes me nervous).

When I started, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. Posting something everyday is a commitment.  November can be a busy month at my job, so I knew it could be particularly challenging some days.  I tried to have some quotes and ideas ready ahead of time for those days. (By the end of the month, it definitely felt like I didn’t have enough; 30 days is a lot!)

Participating in Photo 101 helped as well; even though I was generally several days behind on the assignments. I enjoyed the challenge of interpreting the prompt. The tips pushed me to think about the way I take a photo – I find myself taking photos in portrait and landscape now just to see the difference.

What I learned is posting everyday isn’t for me (that wasn’t really a surprise). What was a bit of a surprise is that sometimes just a quick quote or photo also generated responses from people. Going forward I would like to try to post more frequently, even if I don’t feel that I particularly have something to say.

I’m wondering what your thoughts are on NaBloPoMo?