Gauge Rage


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So my quest into mitten knittin’ has not been without its hiccups.  I finished one mitten and realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn for a second, so I decided to make the thumb a different colour, and make the other the opposite.


My niece will be 7 and it will be right up her alley.  Great plan, except that as I was knitting the second mitten, I began to notice something a bit off:



My second mitten seemed to be a bit smaller than the first.  Surely I was mistaken, so I hauled out my trusting measuring tape:


Mitten #1

Mitten #2

Mitten #2

Yes, that’s a centimetre difference.  It’s noticeable.  For the record, my niece’s hands appear to be relatively the same size, so I don’t think I can pass it off as “planned.”

I confess, I’m not a gauge person.  I like to wing it.  Besides, I’m using mostly Cascade 220 Superwash, so it as long as I knit them the same, it should turn out ok. Except the purple yarn wasn’t 220 Superwash, it was Greenland. A yarn I bought on clearance. A yarn I really liked.  Or at least I did until I did a little search on Ravelry:


It’s not worsted.  Which is what I thought it was when I bought it.

It’s Aran.  Which is different.

Apparently about a centimetre different on a pair of kids mittens.






Mad Hatter


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This summer, I have done a very limited amount of knitting. For a variety of reasons, the knitting mojo was completely gone. Eventually, it was time to start again. I realized that suddenly (finally) it was fall. Babies were coming, and birthdays, and cold weather, and I felt like knitting hats…so hats I made.

A baby hatIMG_5462

A big sister hat:


A birthday hat:IMG_5459

And a just-because-it’s-fall hat:




Now, I’m still in worsted weight, but I’ve moved on to mittens. 5 birthdays = 10 mittens before Christmas.  I’m just hoping the urge to knit socks hits again soon…


Square #2


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Square #2 in the year long afghan knit-a-long is finished!  I have to admit I was a little nervous about this one; short rows aren’t something I’ve used a lot. (That’s one of the reasons I wanted to knit this afghan – some techniques I know; others are a bit outside my comfort zone of usual knits.)  It turns out I love German short rows! This was so much fun to knit and I love the design. Now it’s almost a two week wait for the next square pattern.


The Sock Story


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The answer to today’s Daily Prompt about what you prefer in a handmade version seems abundantly obvious to me: I love my hand knit socks. I know the efficiency level of knitting a pair of socks vs. buying a pair of socks doesn’t even compare. The cost of the sock yarn alone will buy you several pair of decent socks. The thing is, there is just something comforting about slipping on a pair of hand knit socks.


My sock drawer

I live in my socks all winter, most of the spring and fall, and more than a few days in the summer.

I may have purchased special footwear so you can see my fancy socks:


And struggle with what footwear to wear:




Because my feet are usually cold, I may be wearing them right now with a pair of capris.



It’s a special look that will likely hopefully not catch on.

Until you’ve worn hand knit socks, you don’t know what you’re missing. And until you’ve knit a pair of socks, you don’t know how much time effort can go into keeping your feet warm…an effort that is well worth it.


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