Sometimes It’s More Fun to Wonder

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge; the prompt was “Relic”. I had passed the abandoned vessel earlier in the week and wondered at its origin. I imagined dramatic stories of storms or mechanical breakdowns; of daring rescues and bold heroes. (I have quite an active imagination…)



And then last week, what should appear in my Facebook feed but a link to a news story about this very vessel. I anxiously opened the page, eager to learn how this vessel came to rest amid the small fishing boats.  Alas, my imagination was much more dramatic than real life, as it usually is.  The real story: rules, regulations, and not getting enough information before venturing into a project. For the people involved, it’s likely just as much drama.  Me, I think I might have preferred not knowing…

Blog Hoppin’

I was nominated by Knit out loud to participate in a blog hop about the creative process.  I’ve never really considered myself “creative” per se but I guess my obsession with knitting does qualify as “creative”.  So, here it goes:


1. What am I working on?

More projects than I should have on the go at once!  Since I’m travelling for work this week I brought with me a plain sock (for meeting knitting); my two at a time socks (in case I have some free time; very unlikely but I can dream); and a dishcloth that always travels in my purse (not the same dishcloth; that would be weird).


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Coffee stains from my not-as-empty-as-I-thought travel mug?  Seriously, I’m always amazed at how different people can knit the same pattern and have it turn out so differently. I tend to be a bit less adventurous in what I make.


3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Most of what I knit is given as gifts and is usually knit with the recipient in mind. I don’t consider myself a yarn snob, but my preference for wool over acrylic comes from years of hearing my grandparents and parents say that wool is the warmest fabric.  That being said, I’m a big fan of super wash wool because I realize that hand washing kids’ mittens is not likely to occur within my family.


4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I don’t really think I have a creative process…but  I tend to stick to practical, usable things (socks, hats, dishcloths). Sometimes I’ll get the urge to try something a bit different or more challenging (lace, two socks on one circular).  I knit a lot while I’m doing something else, so I generally like a simple, repetitive pattern.


I’ve enjoyed being part of this hop, so I’d like to nominate the following blogs I enjoy reading to answer the same questions:


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You should “hop” on over and check them out! :-)