One Month to Go

So today is November 25 or as was cheerfully pointed (by someone who is no doubt ridiculously over organized) “one month ’til Christmas”.


I love a holiday as much as the next person: visits with family and friends; lots of good food; and time off work to wear sweatpants and recuperate. But I’m a procrastinator, and I’ve taken it to new levels this year. My nieces and nephews always get socks for Christmas from me (it seemed like a good idea at the time).  I have one pair actually completely completed.  Two more that a good evening could finish off.   That leaves 6 pair (12 socks in case you’re counting).  I keep telling myself I can pull this off, but I’m starting to have nightmares about giving a 3 year old opening  a ball of sock yarn Christmas morning.


But that I think is the key: the three little ones are 3, 2, and 1.  They’re socks aren’t big.  The biggest ones are done. The middle ones are in progress, sort of mostly anyway.  I so can do this, right?


Don’t answer that, I’m off to knit.



Wave Break

One of the things I love about visiting other wharves is seeing how different the same components can be from harbour to harbour.  Given the lack of large boulders on the island, I’m always fascinated by places that have them in abundant supply.  I love the architecture of how these rocks are placed, like pieces of a puzzle:



Photo 101 asked us to look for patterns and lines in architecture that would translate into black and white.  I usually prefer colour, but I do like how the rocks become more pronounced in the black and white version:

IMG_6112 - Version 2

Harbours on the Southwest Shore

This week I had the opportunity to visit several fishing harbours along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia.  They were bustling with the activity that comes the week before the lobster season opens.

Dennis Point

Port Mouton