Harbours on the Southwest Shore

This week I had the opportunity to visit several fishing harbours along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia.  They were bustling with the activity that comes the week before the lobster season opens.

Dennis Point

Port Mouton


On Time Spent in Meetings

You know, when I sit in meetings and things are very tense and people take things extremely seriously and they invest a lot of their ego, I sometimes think to myself, ‘Come on, you know, there’s life and there’s death and there is love.’  And all of that ego business is nonsense compared to that.

Christine Lagarde

Marblz Needles

During my travels I ended up in a discussion about my favourite needles.  I’ll admit, it changes from time to time.  I’ve tried a variety of sock needles (bamboo; metal; square; round; 5, 6, or 8 inch) and my favourites for about a year are the basic metal Knit Picks 6 inch double points.


My current obsession though is my Knitter’s Pride Marblz I purchased for mittens.  I did buy them because they were so pretty, but the fact they come in a 6 inch size was a big draw too.  I sometimes find it’s a difficult length to find larger (non-sock) needles in, and for me 8 inch needles are awkward with the few stitches per needles required for mittens.


I was a little nervous when I started knitting with them; they felt very bendy and I was worried how they would hold up.  Granted it’s only been a pair of mittens, but they aren’t showing any signs of permanent bends.  I like that they have enough “grip-tion” so the stitches stay put but will still easily slide off when knitting.

And did I mention they were pretty?